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This spot debuted over a month ago, but I still get goosebumps every time I see it. I think it’s a major step in the right direction for a brand that had not previously produced anything quite like this. To this point, much of DSG’s marketing has been traditional, with emphasis on store and product benefits. They have always done a great job utilizing pro athletes, but this commercial makes the youth athletes (their consumers) the stars of the show. It is an example of how a store, or any business, can become more than just a building that sells goods and services. The Untouchable campaign (including social media activation) represents what DSG stands for and gives the brand an identity. 

*Editor’s note: I would have preferred they use an original song - rather than swagger-jacking from Rudy, my favorite movie ever.

There is a trend developing in the type of advertising that I have highlighted on this blog - I am obviously influenced by campaigns which elicit an emotional response.



With 100 days until the opening ceremonies of the London Olympic Games, P&G has launched their “Thank You, Mom” campaign. It truly captures the beauty of sports and family in such a way that everyone around the world can appreciate. In my opinion, this marketing activation is as good as it gets. The “Proud Sponsor of Moms” will enjoy tremendous engagement through its social media outlets.  Without any mention of products or services, the conglomerate is taking up residence in the hearts and minds of consumers. No reason to believe P&G won’t exceed the estimated $130 million of incremental revenue that this campaign generated following the 2010 Vancouver Games - the organization has also committed to raising $5 million as charitable funding for youth sports programs. 



Orlando IOA Corporate 5k

I had the privilege of working this tremendous event with over 14,000 runners representing hundreds of Orlando employers. The streets were so packed with people that many had finished the race by the time others had even started. The concept is pretty simple, but surprisingly uncommon across the country. Host a massive tailgate-networking party with a casual run/jog/walk in the middle. It’s a winner for everyone involved. The community experiences a boost in spending for the day and the participating organizations enjoy an event that not only promotes health and wellness, but is also entertaining and social.



Not everyone will relate to this ESPN video, but for those like me who treasure the Masters as a priceless tradition, it is perfect. “The green jacket belongs to the winner. The Masters belongs to you.” Brilliant marketing that pulled my heart strings. Good thing I didn’t watch it with my father, otherwise there would have been two grown men fighting back tears.